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Photography by Eli Vydrova | www.elimentphoto.com

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Shaking is a powerful fire medicine that offers a wealth of benefits to those that choose to embrace it, including:

Liberating our energy / life force to flow freely by releasing tensions, stagnant energy and supressed emotions.

Releasing of stress, limiting fears and trauma that can get ‘frozen’ in the body’s physiology.  Shaking melts and dissipates these icey blocks and allows us to move freely with full health and vitality.

Remembering how to Let Go.  We have been born into and raised by modern cultures that teach us to always be moving forward with a purpose or goal; to always plan ahead and to be in control.   Shaking allows us to let go of all of this; to let go of our ‘should’s and ‘shouldn’t’s, our patterns, our attachments, our guilt, our control….when we surrender to the shake and allow it to move us, we free ourselves of all concepts and rigidity and open ourselves up to the magical beauty and flowing abundance that exists in each moment.

Reclaiming our innate WILDNESS and freedom.  Shaking offers us a way to liberate ourselves from the modern societal pressures, expectations and judgements that dictate what movements and actions are deemed ‘normal’ and ‘acceptable’.  Shaking is a natural, healthy reaction and expression of the body.  When we allow our bodies to move, tremble, vibrate and shake as they need, we reconnect with our wild, ecstatic nature and experience deep feelings of pleasure, joy and freedom.

Opening ourselves up to Receive. When we learn to relax and to open, we allow ourselves to receive and experience the vibrating energy moving through us.  We allow each and every cell of our being to receive more and more of this life force.  As we allow ourselves to experience more and more pleasure, we embrace just how incredible it is to breathe, move and experience our aliveness.

Reconnecting with our Inner Child.  Shaking is not confined to just being a serious healing practice.  When we shake, move and dance with playfulness, innocent curiosity and wild abandonment, we allow our inner child, who we so often hide away and do not acknowledge, to dance and express freely through us.

Physical Embodiment.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience! Shaking offers a swift and very practical way of really connecting to our bodies.  It teaches us to be attentive to the physical sensations, however dense or subtle, that arise, tingle, quiver and move through us.  We learn to be more in tune with the physical needs and messages that our body communicates with us.  We learn to celebrate and be thankful for this incredible physical vessel that we have each been blessed with in this lifetime!

Intrigued? Is the shake calling you?  

If you are interested in shaking with me or would like me to bring the shake to your studio/retreat/space, please get in touch!

Why Shake?